Custom ECU Remaps - Stage 2 + 3

Forge TIP - Part of 1.8T stage 2 remap requirements1.8T Stage 2 remaps by More-bhp MiddlewichCold air induction - part of stage 2 remap requirements1.8T Stage 2 remaps by More-bhp MiddlewichPiperwerx highflow downpipe cat and exhaust - part of 1.8t stage 2 remap requirements

We can offer Custom Stage 2 ECU Remaps for the 1.8T, 2.0T FSI, 1.9TDI and 2.0TDI, S3, S4 and RS4

For Stage 2 ideally you will have changed some or all of the exhaust and made air intake improvements.

A FMIC (front mount intercooler) is a worthwhile investment as it makes for safer running by greatly reducing air intake temperatures. A better performing intercooler will also make the power more reliable and consistent.

If your car is DBW (ie. usually 2000 onwards) then we can usually load the stage 2 software through the diagnostic socket inside the car. If the car has already had a stage 1 tune then we may need to remove the ECU to tune it as some stage 1 software locks the diagnostic socket.

For pre-2000 cars we made need to do some soldering work inside the ECU to remove protection boards that some Tuners use.

Cost for Stage 2 1.8T remap software is £295. Stage 2 for 2.0T FSI is £395, Stage 2 for TDI from £295.

We can supply custom ECU remap software for the Golf / AGU 1.8T K03s conversion. With a full exhaust system the the AGU engine with the K03 replaced with a K03s from the later DBW AUM/AUQ cars can make 240bhp. This is highly engineered software and costs £395. We can remap the earlier ECU - no need for soldering unless there has been a stage 1 tune soldered on the board. We would return the ECU back to standard (removing any protection boards, etc) then program with the ECU on the bench.

1.8T Stage 3 remap requirements1.8T Stage 2 remaps by More-bhp Middlewich1.8T Stage 3 remap requirements1.8T Stage 2 remaps by More-bhp Middlewich1.8T Stage 3 remap requirements

If you have fitted a BT (big turbo) then we can supply Custom Stage 3 ECU remap software at £495.

Latest Release: We now have unrivalled custom remap software for Golf 5 GTI 2.0T FSI K04 upgrades to ED30 / S3 spec. Desgined to run at 310+ BHP with 440+ NM. Parts required K04, S3 injectors, uprated fuel pump, upgraded intercooler. Previously only available from Revo and APR - Now we have a true solution through high quality software that delivers power totally smooth with a progressive feel. We don't even need to run the turbo at crazy boost to get the power - the correct level of boost matched to many other parameters keeps the engine running efficiently and safely. Priced VERY competively at just £499.

Custom software is also available for the Golf R32 with fitted supercharger, and for all other VAG applications. Please ask for the price.

Please use our contact form to let us know your requirements or find out more.

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