BMW ECU Remapping

We can ECU remap all BMW models including petrol and diesel and have recently invested heavily in the equipment so that we can remap the latest vehicles which have "tuner protection" embedded in the ECU. We are currently one of the only companies in the UK to offer this service! Call us now to discuss your requirements, we can offer custom remaps to suit you whether you need more power, torque or economy.


Before RemapAfter RemapSale Price
320i 170PS/200Nm "tuner protected"185PS/220Nm£299
325i 218PS/270Nm "tuner protected"230PS/290Nm£299
330i 272PS/320Nm "tuner protected"292PS/345Nm£299
335i 306PS/400Nm "tuner protected"365PS/470Nm£299
320D 184PS/380Nm "tuner protected"229PS/470Nm£299
325D 204PS/430Nm "tuner protected"255PS/535Nm£299
330D 245PS/520Nm "tuner protected"300PS/660Nm£299
335D 286PS/580Nm "tuner protected" 350PS/700Nm£299