Golf GTI Remapping - MK5 Custom K04 Golf GTI ECU Remapping to 375BHP !

We first met Andy when he came for a Stage 1 Golf GTI ECU remap for his MK5 2.0T FSI. He was so taken with the extra power and torque that he well and truly caught the tuning bug! A few months on he called us to make arrangements for a Stage 2 ECU remapping to make the most of the uprated fuel pump and exhaust decat he had fitted. Appointment was booked - until - he decided to go a little further and had opted to fit all the kit for the K04 upgrade like the ED30 and S3 spec

 More-BHP Custom Remap K04 Golf TFSI on the Dyno at Awesome            

TFSI K04 Conversion Parts Required for the Custom ECU remap....

TFSI S3 Intercooler, injectors, uprated fuel pump, turbo and ideally sports cat/decat. Pictures below supplied by Andy to help people understand what parts are required to undertake the Edition 30 / S3 conversion.

S3 TFSI Intercooler Required for Golf GTI K04 ED30 Conversion Parts required for Golf GTI TFSI Edition 30 conversion - including part numbers

All the parts were skillfully fitted by PipeWerx in Lathom, Lancashire.

Custom Remapping the Golf GTI TFSI K04  ...

Although there is some remapping was already available of the shelf from Revo and APR Andy chose to go with us again with a custom ECU remap - trusting that we could deliver something good and truly bespoke - and also at a much more better price.

Well make no mistake this was difficult. Standard customisation and remapping of the Golf 5 GTI TFSI 200 software just made the power too choppy and boost was spikey - although it made it feel very quick limp mode due to excess boost was too much of a problem.

Adjustments to the wastegate were tried and although worked to a degree the level of winding back required meant the wastegate would not hold shut properly.

So we started the whole process again, but this time opted to make something new, of course we would like to tell you all about it here - but we can't because it's a secret. After much work of removing the Engine ECU and trying several versions of remap software it suddenly all fell into place. The remapped ECU was put back and the K04 Golf GTI out onto the road for testing.

Oh yes ...

Well this mother pulls and so sweetly. Strong and progressive from the off. Boost is sensible at 1.3-1.4 BAR and perfectly behaved. It feels so torquey with ultra smooth delivery. 

This is now one seriously quick and fun car. Andy was keen to see what the car power the car was actually making so booked in with Awesome GTI.

Dyno day at Awesome GTI ...

More-BHP Custom Golf 5 TFSI K04 Conversion Upgrade Remap

Click on the small dyno print above and you will see the larger version. Max clutch power was 316bhp and max torque was 333lbsft (450+NM). Please notice the smoothness and perfection of the power delivery. This is what sets this remapping apart from the rest that is out there. More BHP Golf GTI custom remapping for the K04 conversion  now released and available for just £499.

Update.... A boost leak was discovered in the DV which had been there since the K04 kit went on ... so it was back to the DYNO and a massive 374bhp was recorded... and running safe - yet another Golf GTI remap at More-BHP - exceeding customer expectations. Dyno prints will be available here soon.

We hope to have the Golf back in soon so we can push it remap and try to hit 390+ BHP !! Watch this space.

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