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Original Power-431 bhp; Remap Power-520 bhp; Original Torque-550 Nm (405 ftlb); Remap Torque-750 Nm (553 ftlb)

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More-BHP HQ are now on holidays until 23/05. Only emails will be answered during this time.

Friday, 11 May 2018  |  Admin

December 2015 Update

Charity rolling road day was a great success raising £1100.

Website updated to show the new rolling road. Videos starting to be loaded on Facebook.

Constant R&D to keep improving quality and customer experience.

November 2015 Update

Bapro 4wd installed. New database built for the website to include all makes and models we can cover.

May 2015 Update

New 4wd ordered from Bapro

October 2014 Update


Another 12 months has passed and seen More BHP go from strength to strength.

A few more carefully selected dealers have been added to the network making a More BHP remap more accessible than ever.

More research and development has led to some exciting pioneering updates like BMW F-Series diesel remapping becoming available at More BHP.

Many more cars added to the product list at ever competitive prices.

Our software products are becoming highly desired across the globe with many undisclosed independent remapping companies using now using our file service.



September 2013 Update

Well what a busy summer it has been. We have been working on ever better solutions for DPF removal, further enhancing the "technical features" inside the performance/eco maps and widening the options for fitting the remaps. Our dealers have also been working hard flying the More-BHP flag and with great success. We have increased our network of remap comanies that rely on us for the very best quality remap files and genuine DPF off solutions.

Many new releases coming in the next few weeks. 



02 February 2013

Our dealers in Slough have moved into larger more central premises in Slough, just around the corner from what used to be Paramount Performance. Paramount Performance have closed but VRT Direct are able to offer their old customers support, servicing, repairs, dpf removal and remapping. Can't get through to Paramount Performance on the phone then call VRT on 01753 655271.

Our dealers in Colchester, Essex have upgraded tools to be able to offer remaps and dpf removal for newer Tricore proteced ECU's.

DSG gearbox remaps now availble to compliment our custome remaps on TFSI and TDI engines.


08 January 2013

Well what a fantastic year 2012 was for More-BHP thanks to the continued support from customers and dealers.

So to celebrate we are having a January sale which sees prices reduced on many remaps and the introduction of "free dyno runs included" where possible.

The VAG 1.6tdi remaps are now very well developed and in the January Sale will cost just £249 including free dyno runs.

The "Tuner Protected" 2.0tdi CR remaps are also reduced to £249 for the January Sale.

Many more huge reductions to help cheer you up and get you through the winter - so take a look and spread the good news.

Remember unlike other tuning companies out there we actually make all our own remapping software and test properly in-house. This allows for consistent high quality and better prices for the customer.

Much research has been completed in the last few months to make our DPF removal solutions even better than ever. We can remove the DPF from almost all models including the very latest "tunre protected" models. So if you are struggling with your DPF the please give us a call.


15 August 2012

Plenty of developments.

VAG 1.6 TDI remaps released. All variants from 75bhp, 90bhp and 105bhp can be remapped to 135bhp.

The 1.6 TDI is found in the A1, A3, Polo, Golf, Caddy, Touran, Tiguan, Fabia, Octavia, Superb and the Yeti.

All these models with the 1.6 TDI engine can now be remapped through the OBD socket, athough some do require removal of the ECU for it to be unlocked.

VAG 1.2 TSI can also now be remapped. Again found in models like A1, Polo, Touran, Fabia, Octavia, Roomster, and the Yeti.

Dyno testing under way for many more models.

More-BHP HQ will be closed for holidays from 18th - 28th August 2012.


08 June 2012

To make More-BHP remapping even more accessible to our customers we have started the More-BHP dealer network.

First out there was VRT Direct who have excellent knowledge of/ and specialise in the VW Audi Seat and Skoda range of vehicles. Main dealer trained Technicians can remap your car and also offer servicing and repairs to the highest quality. VRT are located just north of London in Iver near Slough making their loctaion ideal for customers both north of London and the London area.

Eastriggs Service Centre in Dumfriesshire are just completing their training and are now able to offer remapping for southern Scotland and the north of England. They also offer servicing and repairs for all makes and models. More details to follow.

We are now finally taking some holidays after another busy year so far. The More-BHP headquarters will be shut from 08th June until 18th June.

01 October 2011

New Range Rover Evoque now being remapped at More-BHP. The latest tuner protected ECU's found in the Evoque are no problem, protection easily defeated. So you can realise and enjoy the full potential of your new Evoque.

A stage 1 remap for your Evoque is just £399.

All remap prices subject to VAT.

01 June 2011

2011 has proven to be our busiest year so far. Unbeatable offers on any remaps have kept sales high. Our attention to quality and customer care has lead to even more repeat customers and referrals.

Our development of DPF removal software has made us on of the UK's leading DPF removal specialists. We have the only true working solution for the 2.0TDI 170 and 140 with the Siemens ECU.

We have reduced the number of products listed on the website to concentrate on those we enjoy doing and where we have the experience to offer the very best results, knowledge and care.

10 Februaury 2011

The January Sale was a fantastic success leading to one of our busiest months ever. BMW customers were not included in the January Sale so because of so many requests for BMW tuning we have reduced the BMW remapping prices for February.

High sales of the M-Flash have meant a temporary lack of stock - a new batch of the tool has been ordered and should be with us very soon.

We have invested yet again in more tuning tools which will allow us to cater for the Japanese 4x4 market with vehicles such as the Mitsubishi LT200 and Warrior now remappable.

We have continued to invest in tools and training to make DPF removal possible for more vehicles. Our most popular models for DPF removal are Vauxhall Zafria 1.9cdti, Audi A3 2.0tdi 170, Golf Mk5 2.0tdi 170, BMW 330d and BMW 325d.

21 December 2010

The phone lines will close today for Christmas until Monday 27th December. Emails will be answered as normal for those wishing to book in between Christmas and New Year.

So we wish everyone a great Christmas !

18 December 2010

November was fantastic month with more remaps carried out than we had expected - so thanks to all customers old and new who helped to make November so successful. December has surprised us again with the volume of enquiries and again completed remaps.

In true More-BHP fashion we will be working up to Christmas Eve - no early holidays for us !

So there is still time to get treat yourself or a loved one to remap for Christmas.

Due to strong sales we have been able to maintain our incredibly low prices, partly again helped by our loyal following of customers constantly recommending and promoting us so keeping our advertising costs to a minimum. The savings we can make are always then passed on to our customers.

To celebrate the Royal Wedding in 2011 we are organising a More-BHP Nurburgring Experience - so watch this space for more information. We hope to be joined on the trip by as many More-BHP customers as possible. Any one with a More-BHP remap is welcome to join us.

23 November 2010

Following a fantastic Summer and Autumn we have further improved prices for the coming winter. We have successfully tuned soome of the very latest offerings from BMW, Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Landrover and more. Many will already know that many vehicles from 2009 onwards have "tuner protected" ECU's designed to try and prevent tuning. They cannot be tuned through the OBD socket but we have ground breaking technology that allows us to both read and write to these ECU's on the bench.

Due to our experience and success with tuning the brand new vehicles we have reduced the prices making us the most competetive on the market. Tuning for these starts at just £299 which is incredible given the cost of tools and the effort required to make only the very best software upgrades.

More-BHP will reward loyal customers with a further discount off tuning when they buy their next car. It will not be a set percentage or amount - it will be based on the cost of the product and how much has been previously spent including referrals to friends.

18 July 2010

More-BHP Scotland Mobile ECU Remapping now available. Radiating out from Glasgow we can cover most areas of Scotland including Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee, etc.

23 June 2010

VW Golf Mk5 2.0T GTI K04 Hardware Upgrade Kit released. Last dyno tested at 374BHP !!!

Late night opening until 8pm on Thursdays.

21 May 2010

Even more price revisions making for many more summer bargains. More 2010 ECU tuning remaps listed. Crystal Clear Paintwork Protection now available - the ultimate way to maintain your vehicle's appearance  and help to retain more value.

SUMMER SALE. ECU Remaps and Chip Tuning for Audi VW Seat Skoda BMW Fiat Ford Mercedes Land Rover and Volvo from just £199. Now Tuning 2010 vehicles.

21 April 2010

We will be moving premises in the next week so to celebrate we have lauched the MAY sale early. There are many great offers particularly in the Audi Seat Skoda and Volkswagen group. Many 1.8T and 1.9TDI just £199. Many 2.0TFSI and 2.0TDI from just £249. Volvo D5 163 and 185 models from just £249. All the same usual high quality - just better prices.

17 April 2010

Our new BESPOKE range of ECU remaps now launched. We have had an ever increasing number of customer enquiries for even finer software engineering for the very latest luxury vehicles. Ultimate power and torque is not the goal  - total refinement and driving perfection is. Every BESPOKE remap is as the name suggests, custom written. This can take many hours to complete even for our most highly trained Guru. We have so far listed just the Range Rover TDV6 and TDV8's as these are our most popular for this exclusive service.

22 March 2010

Through extensive research and investment we are able to offer ECU remap software upgrades for the very newest 2009/2010 models fom AUDI, BMW, Mercedes, Landrover, Seat, Skoda, VW and many more. The main challenge has been to find a reliable solution that can overcome the "Tuner Protection" now found in these latest models - we now have this solution.

03 March 2010

New improved Mobile ECU Remapping Service launched at unbeatable prices. All areas covered from York to North London. 

01 March 2010

Due to our excellent reputaion and attention to customer care we have been invited to become the sole authorised DNA Tuning dealer for the Northwest UK including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Derbyshire, Shropshire, Denbighsire and Flintshire. We can offer a mobile service to all these areas for the highly acclaimed DNA Tuning.

28th Feb 2010

New website being launched - apologies if it causes any inconvience - we are working hard to get it fully functional ASAP.

13th Feb 2010

Custom software for the Golf 5 GTI 2.0TFSI 200 Stage 3 K04 upgrade to ED30/S3 spec. Just dyno'd at 316bhp and 335lbsft torque with fantastically smooth power and torque curves. All with safe boost levels and perfect programming. More info and prices coming soon. 

15th Jan 2010

List updated to include remapping for VW Tiguan, new Passat in CC, A5, S5, new A4.

Golf R and Scirocco R remaps also added.

January 2010

Well why not have a January sale? Just check out our prices - Superior Quality Tuning at Unbeatable Value For Money.

The "state-of-the-art" M-Flash switchable remap tool is available for just £249. High quality remap files are priced at £100 for EDC15/ME7, £150 for EDC16/ME9 and £250 for EDC17/MED17. Remap files also available for all other ECU types like Siemens and Sagem - please ask for the price.

Alfa,Porsche and Vauxhall have been added to our lists. Coming soon Mercedes - we can still tune all the Mercedes range just we do not have them listed at present.

Postal ECU tuning service added. This is a popular service where customers are too far away from us. Just send your ECU to our Headquarters in a padded envelope - we tune and return within a few days. This can also be a cost effective option as we can usually discount this service more than usual.


M-Flash units finally arrived in stock. The M-Flash is a "state-of-the-art" personal remapping tool. So not only do you get a high quality remap but an M-Flash unit to keep and use as required. It gives you the ability to switch between Tuned and Standard making it really useful for cars still under warranty. All the tuning is done remotely by internet and email so you can do the remap in the comfort of your own own - no travelling to the tuner. We have already sent the M-Flash units out in the UK, Uruguay, Australia and Hong Kong.

For the complete list of vehicles that the M-Flash can tune just visit our downloads page.

November '09

We are proud to announce that we can now remap the very latest EDC17 and MED17 found in newest BMW, AUDI, VW, Seat and Skoda.

As examples it means can now remap Golf 6, Scirocco, A5 , BMW 335 and so many more.

It has taken considerable investment in even more state of the art tools and software. Prices of these upgrades will reflect this. Put simply the MED17 and EDC17 ECUs cannot be tuned cheaply. We will endeavour to make the prices as competitive as we usually do.


M-Flash available very soon.... available at a special Christmas offer price of just £349 .. don't miss it ! 

Again we have invested heavily in the most advanced technology to be able to bring you remaps for the latest ECU found in many new cars built from 2009 like the new 2.0TDI Golf 6 and Scirroco. BMW's latest twin turbo petrol and diesel models now available to tune through the OBD socket.

Due to customer demand we have decided to expand the car list to cover almost all European makes and models from Alfa to Vauxhall. We will endeavour to keep our prices as competitive as ever - we invest more so you pay less.

We are launching Gift Vouchers soon - ideal for Christmas or Birthday presents.


Prices adjusted to include VAT.

August Developments

We have had increasing requests for customers to have switchable maps and/or the ability for them to program their car's ECU with our quality software. We have looked at the options available and have finally found equipment that is of the highest quality. We are just finalising the finished look of the tool and hopefully it will be for sale shortly. See the M-Flash Remote/Switchable remap page for more information. 

Sales are still increasingy so we figure customers like our continued effort to provide the highest quality tuning at the most affordable prices - with this in mind we will endeavour to keep our prices as keen as ever.

New Project

From many of the varying remaps we do there are some that stick in our mind like the BMW 330D. The sheer torque these make throws you back in the seat and keeps your there. We just had to have one - so it is bye bye Project Polo but a warm welcome to Project BMW. The car we will work on is a 2006 E90 330D Auto M Sport.    

Continued Sale Prices !!

Yet again record breaking sales in April allowed us the keep prices low, yet again Customers benefit from the hardwork and success of More-BHP. 

February Prices

Thanks to all who helped make January 2009 one of our most successful months ever. As a result we can afford to keep prices almost as low during February providing demand stays high. 

Credit and debit cards accepted online and at the workshop

You can pay with your debit or credit card at our workshop or online.

Paying in person then we can also accept cash. Cheques are not accepted.

Website Improvements

We hope you like our new look website? We have spent many long hours trying to build a more informative site with more interest. It is constantly "work in progress" so please come back regularly to see whats new.

Value for Money

At More-bhp we strive to give you the best value for money. With this in mind and to complement the new website be have put together some unbeatable remap and chip-tune deals. Check out the special offers page for the latest offers. Give it a try - you won't be disappointed

More Coverage of England

Due to demand from customers we have widened the area for our mobile remap and chip-tune services. So take a look at the new coverage map to see if we now cover your area. We will price each job according to location now so please use the contact form to get a firm price.

Prefer to visit us ? 

Due to high demand from customers wishing to drive to us instead of using the mobile service we have aquired premises in Middlewich, Cheshire just off the M6 Junction 18. CW10 0LH

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Golf 5 2.0 TFSI GTI Edition 30 Remap  

The Golf Edition GTI was no slouch from the factory, producing 230bhp with a top end of 150mph. So why bother you may ask? The remapping process was explained and carried out with great care by Jason. After various tests off and on road, the job was done. What a complete improvement, the car now has loads more torque at low revs allowing quicker acceleration in a high gear, without that anoying need to drop down a couple of gears. So overtaking etc is so much quicker and therefore safer.

  >>

Mobile ECU Remapping England and Wales

We can perform an ECU remap at your home or work using our mobile service. Please contact us for a price based on your location.  >> Make Enquiry....

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