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ECU Remapping

ECU remapping your car engine gives dramatic improvements in performance and economy. Using the latest technology along with one of the industries most experienced tuners we can remap the software in the ECU's of many European vehicles although we specialise to a degree in tuning cars from BMW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW. The increased BHP and torque and the way we engineer the remap will give a more satisfying delivery not only of engine performance but also with crisper acceleration and smoother more consistent performance. The fantastic gains in torque will make acceleration a pleasure and used wisely will yield better MPG, with turbo applications the benefit can be quite significant; we've seen savings of up to 18% on fuel. Why have the manufacturer limits on your car engine and pay more for fuel with less power - remap your ECU to release the power AND save fuel! 

We customise the manufacturer's ECU software to massage boost control, fuelling, ignition timing and throttle/load control to mention just a few of the many areas needed to change on a proper ECU remap. Limiters are tweaked upon request and power curves smoothed and extended beyond other tuner's, the difference being our tuner has real pride in the tuning, better than you will find anywhere else. This can yield increases of 80 BHP or more on some petrol and diesel turbos yet maintaining reliability.

We customise your remap to your specification - this way results are much better than using "off the shelf" products. Not every customers requirements are the same so why should the software upgrade in your car be the same? We always match remap characteristics to customer requirements where possible.

You might want the max speed limit removing for track day use, the rev range enhancing a little, you may want a smaller power increase with some extra MPG, or a true economy tune, you might need DPF removal - then that's what you get.

We don't conform to the norm and supply cheap generic ECU remaps - we supply the very best custom written remapping software available today by our very own tuning guru. We strive to remain small and independent from the larger names so we can price our products fairly along with a service you'll feel happy with being looked after personally.

The More BHP Headquarters is based in Crewe, where the Research and Development Unit is based. There you will also find a state of the art 1,500hp Bapro 4wd Rolling Road and Remap Fitting Centre. You can find a small hand picked number More BHP dealers around the UK and the world, selected because of their automotive knowledge and high levels of customer care. Although a mobile service may be available in your area it is better to visit a properly equipped workshop.