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Ford Focus ST3 2.0T 250 ECU Remap

Developed and tested in house the MoreBHP Stage 1 remap is intended for vehicles with stock hardware.

Original Power:  250 bhp
Remap Power:  270 bhp
Original Torque:  360 Nm (265 ftlb)
Remap Torque:  500 Nm (368 ftlb)

List Price:  £549.00

Sale Price:  £449.00

Saving You:  £100.00 (18%)

Ford Focus ST3 2.0T 250 ECU Remap

To find out more or book your car in please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

Developed for vehicles with modifications such as performance exhaust, air filter, bigger/front mount intercooler. Cat removal or DPF Removal (diesel).

Program written to suit each individual car's modifications.


To find out more or book your car in please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

Available exclusively at MoreBHP Crewe HQ.

Intended for petrol or diesel cars that have been fitted with hybrid/larger turbos, possible larger injectors in addition to Stage 2 parts.

Each program is written in-house with development and testing on our state of the art 4WD rolling road.


To find out more or book your car in at More BHP HQ please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

At MoreBHP HQ in Crewe we develop and test our remaps on a state of the art 1200bhp 4WD rolling road.

By adding a rolling road session to your Stage 1, Stage 2 or ECO remap you can see what power / torque your car makes both before and after the upgrade.

Using live diagnostics this allows us to custom tune the remap to your vehicle.

If booking at More BHP HQ in Crewe then this option is highly recommended.

Additional Price inc VAT:  4WD £75  2WD £50

To find out more or book your car in please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

Ford Focus ST3 2.0T Ecoboost being Remapped on the Rolling Road at MoreBHP

The first time we tuned a Focus ST3 we were surprised at how good the car was. Always plenty of talk about the RS and sure it will be quicker but the ST3 delivers so well in all departments.

The interior is comfortable with a sporty feel. The chassis is a delight with crisp handling with some smoothness retained. The brakes more than up to the job on a spirited drive. Engine notes, some synthesised perhaps, really are like music to your ears and encourage you to misbehave.

So with the remap we allow more midrange torque and adjust the in gear limiters so all gears have more access to the available torque. Peak power is barely increased as the turbo is running flat out at the top of the rev range as standard, although peak power does appear much sooner.

The beauty of true custom tuning on the rolling road allows the remap to be specifically calibrated to suit each individual car and fuel quality used. The boost, timing and fuelling can be perfected during several dyno runs using live diagnostic data.

Although big numbers are nice too see and brag about we stand firm in our approach to prefer to setup the car to be fast with the best controlled acceleration possible rather than hitting some mythical figure. At MoreBHP we have a great reputation for producing fast cars.

We've had great feedback from ST3 customers saying how they can't believe the level of improved driveability and performance with the remap.