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Project E90 BMW 330d Auto

BMW Remapping At More-BHP

We get to sit in many passengers seats to see how the customer's car goes after the ECU remap. Some cars have that "pushed into the seat" feeling that lasts. The BMW 330D is one that does not disappoint.

So yes 231bhp is a fair bit of power and 500NM of torque can pull you along OK. However as with most factory programmed turbo diesels the throttle is not as keen as one would like and the spread of power just a little thin. 

The beauty of making our own custom remaps is that we know exactly what is going in and we can adjust to suit different requirements.

Our highly engineered dyno tested stage one remap massively boosts power to 280bhp with 640Nm of torque with a throttle that responds when you press it. Power is delivered super smooth with the power band widened to match. The way the speed flies up on the speedo compared to standard is frightening.

The Stage 1 is designed to work with the DPF and CAT in place. 

Well we removed the DPF from our BMW 330d - not because this one failed - but it is our long term DPF removal test car. Many years into the test and the car is still perfect and pulls even stronger. MOT tests passed without issue.

DPF removal required opening of part of the exhaust to extract the DPF block then reprogramming of the ECU again to removal all the DPF regeneration cycles and other DPF functions. So if you are having DPF problems perhaps removal is a better option than the expensive dealer replacements.

More BHP BMW 330D 300bhp Remap


With the DPF removed we install Stage 2 software that takes power just past the 300BHP mark with a staggering 710Nm torque for our Auto model. Manuals have the torque reduced slightly to try and prevent rumbling occurring which is common in the manual versions.

With the DPF removed and our custom Stage 2 software installed both the drive-ability and acceleration are unreal.

But if you need to take it still further then time to treat the 330d to a new turbo ... a hybrid turbo. Power now in the reaches of 330bhp with torque at 750+Nm! We offer a true custom remap for the hybrid upgrades.

E90 330d with a Hybrid Turbo and Stage 3 Remap at MoreBHP

As with all of our development cars, we are constantly researching new ways of improving all elements of our software. Many hours on the dyno with our 330D has led us to allow for the following features to be enabled on the BMW diesels:

E90 330d hybrid turbo rolling road

-EGR delete-Stage 1, Race, Economy and completely custom remaps with Dyno before and after print outs

-DPF removal

-Speed limiter removal