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Project Seat Leon Cupra 2.0 TFSI Stage 2+ Remap

Why the Seat Leon Cupra ?

The engine in the Seat Leon Cupra is one which is very "tuneable" and is almost exactly the same as the one fitted in the 8P Audi S3. Picking the Cupra for the next More-BHP project was easy... The FSI technology has pushed the engine way beyond the previous 1.8T engine found in the old Seat Leon Cupra R. Before starting the project we knew the engine was capable of producing supercar power as we found out with project VW Golf GTI Edition 30.

The starting point was 240BHP...

For those that don't know, there are two versions of the 2.0 TFSI engine. The first version is 200BHP which can be found in the regular VW Golf GTI, Audi A3, Seat Leon and the Skoda Octavia vRS, however, there is a different variation which has a bigger turbo, bigger injectors a relocated DV, bigger intercooler and slightly re-worked charge pipes of which is found in the likes of an Audi S3 (265BHP), VW Golf GTI Edition 30 (230BHP) and the Seat Leon Cupra (240BHP) which we have here. All of these extra parts mean the engine has a lot more to give and the power differences are mainly down to the S3 having the Quattro 4WD system.

First impressions of the Cupra were great, driving home for the first time in the car was so much fun (well it would be compared to a van) apart from the noticeable drop in the fuel needle everytime you plant your right foot. The car was driven back to the workshop for the stage 1 remapping session.

Stage 1 remapping...

Having remapped many of these cars in the past we knew what to expect... A very noticeable increase in power, torque and throttle response but it is still amazing to experience the transformation again for yourself. The stage 1 remapping software takes the standard Cupra to a whole different level with a much more respectable 300BHP and 375NM with the power delivered in a supremely smooth way. The most notable thing about the stage 1 remap was the elimination of the turbo lag... in any gear you can now put your foot down and the car will pick up without hesitation.

It was now time to see how the Cupra faired against our Project BMW 330D! With 310BHP and over 680NM of torque, the BMW 330D is no easy monster to beat. The diesel power can just rip up the road whenever the mood takes you and the power just doesnt stop. On a private road the BMW just sneaks by leaving the Cupra in its wake. So what else can we do...

Stage 2 and other mods...

Stage 2 remapping just adds more... Boost peaks at a safe level of just 1.5 Bar and sails to 1.1 Bar. Again the difference is profound. Obviously stage 2 programming for the Cupra can only be done with an upgraded exhaust so while we were waiting for it to arrive we removed the CATs and programmed the Stage 2 software!

The Cupra is now running at 340BHP and 410NM and leaves the BMW 330D on a run... At no point can the BMW make ground once the Cupra is into its stride.

We also added some special features into the programming for this vehicle just to show what we can do:

-Left foot braking enabled (VAG ECU's cut the throttle if the brake is applied at the same time) - ideal for race cars

-Decat light deactivation (disabling of the post CAT lambda sensor)

-Speed limit removal (removing the 155MPH speed limit)

The Exhaust System

Even with the CATs removed, the standard exhaust system is still restricting flow a little bit so we went to our friends at Blueflame Performance to see what they could offer. A full 3" stainless steel system was supplied with a de-cat downpipe. The system looks the part and was a perfect fit. As always with fitting a new exhaust system you are anxious to hear what it sounded like and the Blueflame System did not disappoint. The system offers a nice rumble at idle and really roars at full boost but is not intrusive while cruising - perfect.

It seems the exhaust system has allowed for some extra torque mid-range and now the standard clutch has started to slip, we have reached the limit that the standard clutch can take.

Upgrading the clutch

The standard clutch was replaced with a Helix Motorsports unit. The single mass conversion offers a more direct drive at low RPM and of course NEVER slips. The clutch pedal is now stiffer to press than the standard unit and takes some getting used to but is not as "snatchy" as you would imagine in traffic and around town. The single mass flywheel does whir a bit at idle which does get a bit annoying.

helix clutch kit 

The current spec!

-Fully Custom Stage 2+ Remap

-Blueflame Performance 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust System

-Helix Motorsport Performance Clutch Kit SMF

-Autotech HPFP

-Yokohama Parada Spec 2 Tyres

-More-BHP 3" Intake Kit

-Audi S3 Front Mount Intercooler 

-Forge 1 Bar Pre-Loaded Actuator 

This shows that with a relatively low budget you can make a seriously fast car  @ 361BHP / 530NM.