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M135i and M235i Custom ECU Remapping (no tuning boxes!)

Why would you fitting a tuning box when a genuine ECU remap is available ?

M235i M135i Custom ECU Remap - NOT tuning box

The M135i and M235i are potent in standard form with 320bhp available but there are substantial increases in power and torque to be gained from a MoreBHP custom ECU remap.

With our own M135i with 8 speed sport auto we sent many months developing the first M135i remap available in the UK. All these carefully developed features can also be utilised in the M135i, M235i, 435i and 640i.

Disappointingly for the tuning world it has seemingly become common to fit a tuning box to this engine which fools the ECU in to producing more boost than it realises, without accurate corrections to timing and fuelling. Sure they do allow for more performance but in no way comparable to power/torque delivery of a carefully calibrated remap which allows the ECU to function as intended.

With just a Stage 1 remap calibrated on our rolling road we have seen 390bhp and 580Nm.

M235i M135i Custom ECU Remap

Apart from a better running car our remap also offers other benefits such as-

  • Cold start off (especially handy if you have a noisy decat at cold)
  • Decat MIL off 
  • Exhaust flaps permanently open in Sport Mode
  • Enhanced Sports Displays to reflect the increase in power and torque
  • Selectable power modes for ECO, Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus
  • Lengthened exhaust burble on lift off
  • Speed limit removal
  • Higher rev limit for manual cars

Our only real recommendation to further improve the M135i and M235i is the fitment of a Wagner FMIC - this offers real benefits keeping the intake temperature charge lower with improved flow.


M135i M235i Custom Remap Enhanced Sports Dials

Featured Reviews
Audi A3 2.0tdi CR140
Tuesday, 19 January 2016  |  Martin

Had my car in for an dpf removal, egr delete, harcut limiter and launch control with a stage 2 map. The guys did a brilliant job and id recommend them to anyone!!

Skoda Fabia vRS now perfect
Friday, 20 November 2015  |  Oliver

Stage 1 remap fitted but the map was a little fussy with my car at first, took it in to the lads at more bhp and that day they gave it me back running perfectly!! True gents and quality professional service! Highly recommend to anyone

Seat Leon Cupra R
Wednesday, 18 November 2015  |  Sam

Awesome service, turned my car into an animal thanks guys