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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the Remap make my vehicle use more fuel?

A. If you were to drive your vehicle "normally" you would actually see quite a pleasing improvement in fuel economy. This is will partly be due using higher gears sooner as more power and torque is available.  However if you drive really hard all the time then you risk using more fuel. We have had many reports from customers claiming 5-15 % improvement.

Q. My vehicle is still under manufacturers warranty will it be affected?
A. In some cases the remap can be detected by main dealers which has the potential to void your warranty, some however are undetectable so your warranty remains intact. You'll to contact us for more information about your particular vehicle.
Q. I've been told that this process of ECU Tuning will damage my engine?
A. The process of ECU Tuning is used to optimise maps that run the car. The engine itself does not need to be touched and will still be operating within manufacturer tolerances. Engines are damaged by "over" hard driving or "thrashing" which happens less after the tune because so much much more power is there anyway. You could say driven normally the car's engine could last longer.
Q. I have not had my car "chipped" because of the high cost involved, why is it so expensive?
A. What you have to remember is that the equipment needed to do the work is extremely expensive and companies have to get something back. Look at it another way - customers are happy to spend £400 on an intake that often achieves nothing when for £499 we can give you over 100bhp increase on some cars (some even more!). Which is the best value for money ?
Q. Should I inform my Insurance Company?
A. Strictly speaking you should disclose this information to your Insurance Company. There are many sympathetic Insurers out there now so shop around and you may not pay any extra. Shopping around and looking for Specialist Insurers can sometimes save you money.
Q. Can I put the car back to original settings?
A. Yes you can. We would have to visit again and put back the original map.
Q. How do you warranty your work?
A. What we are effectively doing is giving your Engine Management System a software update. If we can we will achieve this by loading through your diagnostic port. We cannot do every vehicle in this way and sometimes we remove the ECU to program it directly. If you don't like the new software upgrade then we simply revert your car back to original.
Q. What vehicles can you ECU Tune?
A. Many modern cars can benefit from this method of tuning so please contact us to check suitability of your vehicle.
Q. Why don't manufacturers do this at the factory?
A. They have to produce a map that is highly tolerant of bad fuel and lack of servicing amongst other things. Here in the UK we have good fuel so we can optimise maps to suit. Manufacturers do actually supply the same engine in different car models with different power outputs, the only difference between them is the mapping.