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- Live diagnostics

- In-house remap calibration

- Numerous dyno measurements

- Degree level remap engineers

- Road simulation testing

- Real road testing

- Proof of results

- Free return to original

- 5 year guarantee

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Results Guaranteed

  • The highest quality product available in the market, guaranteed

  • Noticeable correctly delivered power and torque increases

  • No quibble return to standard if suitable results not achieved

  • 5 year guarantee while you own the car

  • Friendly helpful telephone support

  • Excellent customer service and unbeatable knowledge base

  • Degree Level trained Programmers

  • Correctly and extensively engineered, developed and tested

  • State of the art Bapro 4wd rolling road for R&D

  • Free re-program in case of accidental dealer update (from 01/01/16)

  • Free return to standard for selling the vehicle


We’re confident that you’ll be impressed ! 

Remaps can be tailored to suit fuel grade used, for example regular or super unleaded petrol. For the best power results we recommend that petrol cars be run on super unleaded.

Where the vehicle allows we can also add features such as speed limit removal, increased rev limit, launch limiter, hardcut limiter, exhaust flaps open, sports display dials adjustment, cold start off, Decat MIL off, DPF off, EGR disable, DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) removal and remap on the sport button.

As well as MoreBHP HQ in Crewe, tried and tested MoreBHP Remaps are also available at a few carefully selected and exclusively authorised MoreBHP DealersBVR Automotive in Stoke, VRT in Slough, Shaikly Motor Company in Essex, Nordic Motortuning in Norway, Diagnose service in Norway, BPS Autos in Australia and ATA Tuning in China.