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- Live diagnostics

- In-house remap calibration

- Numerous dyno measurements

- Degree level remap engineers

- Road simulation testing

- Real road testing

- Proof of results

- Free return to original

- 5 year guarantee

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Terms & Conditions

  • Free re-program in case of accidental dealer update (from 01/01/16)

  • Indicated BHP and Torque figures are estimated and will vary between vehicles.

  • Vehicle pictures are present that may not be of the exact model in the description. 

  • We expect that vehicles are in good working mechanical order without error codes stored in the ecu that will affect the results of the chip-tune or remap. If we find such problems we will advise that you to book the vehicle into a garage for remedial work.

  • For dyno testing the vehicle must be in suitable condition, well serviced with good tyres correctly inflated.
  • We do not offer any type of warranty for your modified vehicle.

  • If you are not impressed with the results on the day then we will return to stock and no charge made.

  • Payment is taken immediately upon completion of the work by cash, debit or credit card.

  • Listed prices are inclusive of VAT. VAT will be charged at the time of purchase at the current rate.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any unsuitable order due to customer error, website description error, pricing error, website processing error, or product no longer available.

  • We always try to first use the easiest, least obtrusive and least detectable method to tune your vehicle but in some instances we may have to remove and open your ECU.