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Rolling Road 4WD

We have a 4WD Rolling Road at MoreBHP HQ in Crewe which is used to design, develop and test our ever increasing range of remaps. It also allows us to make the best Custom Remaps available.

The Bapro BPA-4R Rolling Road  was chosen due to it's high levels of accuracy and it's ability to measure power/torque and actual losses, which gives an accurate reading at both the wheels and the flywheel.

The Bapro BPA-4R can accurately measure up to 1200bhp at speeds of up to 220mph.

The Rolling Road has a built in weather station so all parameters are measured, this removes any ability to sway or influence the results. This means results are repeatable and true.

Before this 4WD dyno we used a Bosch 2WD unit, this proved to us the need for a rolling road as with using this for many years we discovered that it is impossible to develop remaps without this testing. It is because of this that we felt the need to invest heavily in the BPA-4R so we could test almost every vehicle that came here to MoreBHP HQ.

The rolling road is available, only and exclusively, for MoreBHP remap customers as part of a tuning package.