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MoreBHP ECU Remap Reviews

Feedback Snippets......

Vehicle Make: VW
Vehicle Model: Golf 1.8T 150
Vehicle Year: 1999Golf GTI 1.8T ECU Remap at More-BHP
Drove to MORE-BHP in crewe after I booked my golf in for a remap because many of my mates recommended them to me. I got there they plugged my car into a diagnostics machine and showed me any faults that were logged on the ecu and explained to me in detail what they were. The whole process of remapping took around 20/30 minutes and my car is like a different car all together now, so much more mid power in every gear,, much better to overtake cars on the motorway can just leave the car in fifth gear put foot down and it picks up very quickly. Well worth the money I'd recommend these guys to anybody looking for a remap.


Vehicle Make: vw eos
Vehicle Model: 2.0 tdi 140
Vehicle Year: 2007
Cheers for the re-map yesterday , early days I know but the performance on the way home was superb. Even with the dsg box , pick up in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear was rapid to say the least. Will monitor fuel economy over the coming months, but can cruise easily at 70 mph and only showing 2000 on the rev counter. Thanks to both Jason and Mike , all the best Lloydy 07/04/12

Hi Guys,

I was a bit apprehensive; was I wasting my money?...

3 days later, my car really started to perform!  Better fuel consumption, more responsive and foot down, very quick...

A very well spent £350... Thanks guys xxx Muchas Luvas XXX Gill Daresbury, nr
Runcorn (BMW 118 D sport pre 2012)


Vehicle Make: BMW BMW 335d ECU Remap at More-BHP
Vehicle Model:
Vehicle Year: 2007

Big thanks to Jason yet again!! Another quality Race-Map on my third car now. Very helpful and very knowledgeable. Thanks again!!



Hi Jason, 

Just to drop you a note to say that the work you did on my Range Rover on Friday worked a treat.  As you know I removed a not so cheap power box, that although made improvements to fuel economy and power, was not smooth and also made the engine quite noisy under acceleration with smoke under acceleration (even on a tame setting). 

Within a few miles of driving away after your conversion I noticed the car was much smoother, changed up much, much quicker and stayed in a higher gear longer without labouring.  Oh and much, much quieter!  So on a 40 mile trip home half of which stuck behind slow lorries and lots of roundabouts and the rest on the motorway at 80+ delighted to see 37 MPG from the on board computer.  The car is completely different and haven driven a TDV8 I can say there is now next to no difference in performance.  I think I’ll be back with the XC90! 




Subject: More-BHP ECU Remapping Golf GTI Remapping at More-BHP
Vehicle Make: Golf
Vehicle Model: AUM 1.8T 20V.
Vehicle Year: 2001
Golf GTI Remapping at More-BHPMessage:
Got my Golf mapped by did not know Jason & Mike before we travelled from Morecambe to Crewe to have it mapped so we were unsure how good they were.All i can say is we should not have worried they are top bloke,s.Had a Stage 2 map to 225BHP plus, and the diffrence is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Jason knows is stuff and explains every detail of the mapping process to you and nothing his to much bother.They impressed me that much i have there logo across my rear window,£250 for a stage 2 is very good value for get down to crewe and get the grin factor on your face CHEER,S DAN

Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: BMW
Vehicle Model: 118d "Tuner Protected"
Vehicle Year: 2010
I never expected such a difference for such a cheap price! Great, friendly and helpful service from Jason and Mike and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

The difference in power is absolutely immense and if anything it's better on fuel too. It's not just the power, the car is much more responsive, and where the original power band was a big lump from 2-3k then nothing, the power arrives earlier and keeps building all the way to the red line.

I would bring any other car I buy to you without even thinking, and the results have convinced my dad to book his in too!


Subject: More-BHP ECU Remapping
Vehicle Make: Chrylser
Vehicle Model: 300c SRT
Vehicle Year: 2010
Just a quick thank you. I'm happy to highly recommend the M-Flash. I was skeptical at first but it's done a great job. Quick delivery and quick email response with the tweaked map. The power gain and smoother ride is definitely noticeable and the improved fuel economy is just brilliant. Hard driving is still giving me an actual average of 36 MPG. Many Thanks, Martin


Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: VWJetta TFSI remap
Vehicle Model: JETTA 2.0 TFSI (200)
Vehicle Year: 2006
Jason came to my place of work to install the remap. OMG!! what a difference, now running at least 250BHP, and soo Smooth.. 60-90 in 4th gear in 4.5 sec.30-70 in 4.9, thats the same as a Focus RS!!! Value for money simply does not come better than this!! Many thanks Jason as my car is now a real "Wolf in sheeps clothing" If you are sceptical about having it done, as i was so i gave it a go and the result is outstanding..


Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: VW
Vehicle Model: golf gt tdi 140 mk5
Vehicle Year: 2008
I had my car re mapped today what an amazing transformation this has done to my car more power at lower revs so no need to keep changing down to over take I would recommend more BHP to any one who is thinking of having there car re mapped I used there mobile service they came to my house when they said they was going to so service is good as well.

Subject: More-BHP ECU Remapping
Vehicle Make: Seat
Vehicle Model: Leon 2.0 tdi 140
Vehicle Year: 2007
Just some feedback to say if you are thinking of having a remap, go for it, and use more-bhp great service very knowledgable, transformed my Leon, up with the best of the hot hatches for performance now.

Cheers Rob 


Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: Volkswagen
Vehicle Model: GT TDi 110 (non-PD)
Vehicle Year: 1998
Hi Jason,
Had the re-map running a few months now and thought it's a good time to offer some feedback! The car has been running absolutely brilliantly ever since I've had the re-map.... so much so that when my brother first sat in the car after the re-map, he commented how much power the car seemed to have: and I hadn't even told him I had it done! My MPG has stayed exactly the same at around 54mpg combined, so I really can't say anything against the re-map at all. For, info I watched Jason take the ECU out and do everything right in front of me. Highly recommended! Danny

Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: Renault
Vehicle Model: Master DCi100
Vehicle Year: 2007
What a transformation, I drove down to the workshop in a slug that made it to 70mph on the motorway after about 5 miles of effort and returned in a much quicker (won't say how fast!!) rocket.

Seriously, the van I brought in was struggling with the conversion to a horsebox and the associated weight. It ran out of steam on any sort of incline and seemed to be wheezing when running anywhere near a safe cruisng speed on the motorway.

On the run back it was flying, the engine revved higher and freer, speed was excellent, both getting to it and having more available if needed.

Given that a 140bhp van would've been £1500 dearer, then a £199 remap to bring my van to the same spec is money very well spent.


Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: VW Golf
Vehicle Model: 2.0 GT TDI
Vehicle Year: 2004
Hi ya Jason

Just dropping you a few lines about your excellent job you did on my Golf earleir this week. First of all it is fast as hell, extremely nippy, you can feel it oozing power whenever u hit the accelerator. Going to go for a cruise tonight so will know even more about the performance, but so far I am very very happy. I have already recommended 3 people to come to you - the quality of service was really nice, you can't ask for more really. Thank you so much. i know other people have said this already but it REALLY does make your car feel like you have JUST drove off the forecourt after Jason has finished doing his magic.

Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: Vauxhall
Vehicle Model: vivaro
Vehicle Year: 2008

We run a Taxi and Private Hire company in Crewe, Cheshire and specialise in multi seat, long distance journeys. In November 2008 we purchased a brand new Vauxhall Vivaro combi 8 90BHP, although we have generally been satisfied with this vehicle, when laden it suffered power loss which does make for hard work on a long journey.

Having used More-BHP previously for a car re-map we approached Jason again to see if he could add any extra power to the work horse. As usual Jason was very helpful and we had a long discussion about our requirements before any alterations were made. We needed extra power but also to retain or improve fuel economy.

Jason assured us that the re-map would be tailored to our needs and we gave the go ahead. WOW, what can we say, the improvement is significant. The vehicle is now friendly to drive, tremendous torque makes overtaking safe and easy, motorway cruising is smooth with the improved throttle response, surprisingly all the extra power has not increased fuel consumption and on the whole the fuel economy has improved.
We cannot recommend Jason and More-BHP highly enough, their friendly, knowledgeable approach gives you confidence in their abilities and the proof is in the driving.

Did we enjoy driving the Vivaro before? no not really.
Do we enjoy driving it now? Yes without a doubt !

Darren, Director, Crewecabs Ltd 



Subject: FeedbackRemap you Transit Minibus
Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Transit
Vehicle Year: 2002
I run a minibus company in the Wigan & St Helens area. I only used the Ford Transit for a variety of reasons and I recently bought a 90ps DDI 2.4TD on a 52 plate with 80k on the clock. Its a 16 seater Jumbo LWB transit ( and to say it was sluggish is an understatement.
Being the skeptical chap I am, I wasnt sure this was a good move. Desperate for more torque though, I just had to try it. The Tranny couldnt get any worse, put it that way. It started losing power and speed on the slightest of hills, ran lumpy and delivered power like a milk float when its running flat. I really am not exaggerating either.
Jason got his mits on it and I am glad I didnt own the bus for 6 years and THEN find out about remapping. Miles more torque, much smoother power delivery, more power and, oddly, the engine now runs quieter and with less vibrations at idle.
I cant tell you how refreshing it is to drive it, especially when loaded with 16 adults. Hill? What hill....
Quality work Jason, impressed. Will recommend. 10/10


Subject: Feedback
Vehicle Make: golf mk4
Vehicle Model: gt tdi 130
Vehicle Year: 2003
Hi Jason, gotta give you some feedback on the remap fella for potential buyers...had to do a 2 hour run to South Wales and back today (cross country not m/way), i cannot believe the difference it has made to the car pulling...and pulling...and still pulling! There is not as much pace loss as before when changing up, it's ready for the next gear whenever you are ready to change, superb!
If anyone has any doubts about doing it, trust me, get it done. Jason tells me it will be pushing about 165 now up from 130 standard (and 390nm up from 310nm), and (no it's not bull*hit) i'm fairly sure i used less fuel, certainly no more than i would normally, and bear in mind i was 'trying the map out' as well so wasn't driving normally.
If anyone wants to mail me to ask any questions i am at, i have had the Golf 4 years now, and wish i'd had it done sooner. You can watch the remapping being done, Jason will answer any sensible questions, and really does want people to have the best their car can have, no stupid power figures, just a nice smooth full range of power not all in one tiny power band, If you like driving, this is for you.
Marcus (Mid Wales)

More BHP M-Flash review

Dear Jason,

I have been a bit slow, but here are some comments about your M-Flash and the ECU re-mapping.

1.     M-Flash:

I ordered the M-Flash with software for my 2007 2.7 TDI Audi Allroad; the unit came quickly and the operation process was very simple.  About 15 minutes to read the original software (which is stored in the M-Flash unit) then 20 minutes to load the new software.  And an immediate difference – sharper acceleration across the rev. band, more torque in the low to mid range and better fuel consumption on long runs!  Having the M-Flash means that I can re-load the original software in about 10 minutes if the car needs to go in for service or MOT.  Very simple and excellent value – highly recommended!

2.    ECU re-mapping:My son wanted a bit more from his 1.4 (petrol) 1997 Polo; I removed the ECU (took about 15 minutes) on the Monday and put it into first class post in a jiffy bag.  The unit came back on Wednesday morning!  Re-fitted same day and my son was very happy with the sharper throttle response and just enough improvement in power to make motorway overtaking a lot safer. A very efficient and effective service – thanks! Kind regards, Mike.

Hi Jason,

Been doing a lot of research on GTI's that have been to you for a re-map, I am very impressed with what I seen so far, the following was on one of the forums I went to, thought you might appreciate it!!

"After a couple of months and a fair bit of researching on google I decided to go for it and booked my AUQ in for a remap at more-bhp, being not too far away and a lot of good feedback on VAG forums along with the price being a fair bit cheaper compared to other remappers it was a no-brainer.

Arrived at the unit where it was put onto VAG-COM straight away which showed up a fair few faults. I've replaced a few sensors myself but not had the tools to clear those fault codes so fingers crossed. Jason had a good look under the bonnet checking hoses which are all good along with some sound advice.

Took it for a sprinted drive in 2nd then back to the unit where the original ECU file was copied and the new map loaded onto the ECU. Then went for another drive.. first impressions it was obvious something had happened but I was expecting a bit more, even so it was a different car - smooth across the rev range and felt very very nippy.

The huge difference was when driving home on the motorway and what a difference. it pulls hard as nails in 6th, that mid-range pull is awesome - going from 70-*** is effortless.

Later on I got my iphone with dynolisious running on a certain national speed limit b-road which has a lovely straight  - previous best time was a 7.1 as stock and did a 6.2 today on the same stretch of road with a wee wee poor launch, TC light going mad and my alpine flip screen head unit launching out which now reads "disc error" with every cd.

All in all by far the best money I've ever spent on a car.. gets my bpm going until that repair bill from alpine arrives."

Many thanks again for the fast response times to my questions and will be in touch as soon as I have got the money in hand. Regards James.

Dyno of Greek Octavia Vrs Remapped by More-BHPSkoda Octavia 1.8T vRS 180 - More BHP tuning supplied to a customer in Greece who kindly supplied the Dyno prints. 310NM torque! Just check the graph for the power.

Golf Edition ED 30 TFSI 230 Remapped By More BHP 200x150.jpg

The Golf Edition GTI was no slouch from the factory, producing 230bhp with a top end of 150mph. So why bother you may ask? The remapping process was explained and carried out with great care by Jason. After various tests off and on road, the job was done. What a complete improvement, the car now has loads more torque at low revs allowing quicker acceleration in a high gear, without that anoying need to drop down a couple of gears. So overtaking etc is so much quicker and therefore safer. Jason explained that the engine in this golf is the same as that in the Audi S3, just slightly detuned, it is now pushing out 300bhp, thats an increase of 70bhp, without any spanners! Fantastic what can be done these days with a Lap Top! The car still does over 35miles to the gallon. I highly recommend a visit to 0 to 100 in about 8.5 seconds (on a private road of course!!)


Astra GSI Turbo Remapped By More-BHP

I had been wanting to remap my car from the moment I got it in october. I had been looking around quite a bit and came across Jason at more bhp, so I gave him a ring and arranged a next day remap, great customer service. So I went over on the Saturday with a decent 200bhp and I am going to a rolling road day next week to see what I got now as it feels quite a bit quicker and smoother,

Thanks again jason, Tom Astra GSI Turbo

I’ve had a few VAG cars over the years and tried many of the “big boys” remaps, from chip and go to full custom remaps. If I said I drove from the Isle of Wight to Cheshire, some 600 mile round trip plus a ferry crossing and would do it again then that says it all. Jason cares more about customer service than making a sale.
Historically for me chip and goes have just been a huge dollop of torque delivered in one great big splat, which is great fun but makes for difficult times on front wheel drive or wet roads. One company even served up more flat spots than Holland.
The road test following the remap is interesting as the delivery is so smooth it was not instantly noticeable but don’t be confused ,the power is there and with no flat spots its just a nice linear. EXTREME CARE should be taken to watch the Speedo, I almost missed the entrance to the Industrial Estate that Jason is on as I had cooked my brakes and they had completely faded. I think the smoke from the wheel arches was a give away.
The cost is stupidly cheap and a must for all VAG owners.

Mark, Audi A4 1.8T Q

More BHP Motorhome Remap

Well what can i say, just comeback from a round trip to Spain and this is definetely not the same motorhome i was driving before, Jason has turned a stodgy loaf into a very nimble one. Very very pleased with the reuslts.

Frank, Peugeot Boxer 2.8HDI, Autosleeper

Thanks for today Jason, Really love the new MAP, It feels like a different car now, I've put a post up on uk-mkivs saying what good service I got
Lets hope a few people come have it done aswell, Chris, Golf GTI 1.8T

More BHP remapped Peugeot Boxer HDI

We were over with you last week with our Peugeot 2.2HDi 100 based Autosleeper and am delighted with the result. The vehicle is now a pleasure to drive and quite unrecognizable from the old plug that it was.You may be interested to note that Adrian Flux wanted an additional £50 insurance for the increase of 30BHP whereas the Caravan Club just noted the modification without an additional premium.

Many Thanks,



More BHP remapped Audi TT 225

I have been considering having my TT remapped for a while since buying it.
I looked at many tuners and they seem to vary greatly in what they offer and overall cost.
I read up about More-Bhp on quite a few forums and was quite impressed by the good comments.
I emailed Jason and had a reply within half an hour, I arranged to go see him an hour and a half later (the time it took me to get there) to get the TT remapped.
He was a really nice guy and talked me through the entire process about what he was doing and why etc..
once remapped, we went for a spin to test the car and so he could check all the readouts on the laptop to ensure everything was as it should be.
Wow...what a difference.
The Car pulls like a train now, it was pretty quick before the map, but feels so much stronger now, pulling all the way to the rev limiter (should you let it)
I could not recomend Jason and More-BHP more.
Top bloke and a 1st class job..... Thanks

A3 2.0 tdi 140 Remap Review at More BHP

Had an ECU re-map done by Jason (27/06/09) and to be honest I can't describe just how different my A3 feels now. I didn't know what to expect in terms of how the car would drive but and in the test drive after the re-map I was still a little non plussed.

On the motorway home I really started to notice the extra power, better delivery in low/mid range, but mostly just how much torque I had.

6th gear is no longer just for crusing and you can also accelerate comfortably in 6th from around 40. To put it in perspective I used to only use 6th when nearing the red in 5th - about 65=70. Any lower than that and acceleration was laboured at best.

Due to the fact that we live in Britiain and there isn't a long enough road near me without average speed cameras or a roundabout, I haven't had a chance to floor it it to top speed yet, but i'm loving the acceleration in every gear and the way the car drags me to 100 without thought in 6th!

I won't talk about the fuel economy because to be honest I haven't really driven in a sensible manner since I had it done!

In terms of customer satisfaction I couldn't be happier. I recommend a re-map to any diesel owner - especially VAG owners. I recommend Jason at more-bhp because he's a helpful, honest bloke that will do a good job.

The cost is ridiulously low if you compare the market but he also has the all important positive reputation as I found on a VAG forum, and the reason I made a 265 mile round trip from Darlington!

Ben, Audi A3 Sport 2.0 TDi 140 (now nearer 185!)

p.s. Warning re-mapping your ecu will make you think you can race a Golf R32. You can't.

Hi Jason many thanx for your work done today top job done by all, drove home as I would normally and can't get the grin off my face it truly is a massive difference to my car (still not V8 power but its still nice)
ps sending a pic of my mustang. Many thanx. Andy - Golf 1.8T 2000

Don’t think about it just do it! I sent my ECU to Jason with a excellent  turn around time, it’s an AGU engine with no mods apart from a forge DV, WOW it flies now! It will spin the wheels in 4th just putting the power down in these wet slippery conditions it would struggle in 2nd before (poor tyres mind!). I found Jason to be friendly, very helpful, with great communications and unbeatable prices I will be recommending ......Thanks mate! Sam - Golf GTI 1999 AGU

Jason, your a legend mate, got my ecu by 1pm, fitted back in car tonight and took it for a spin, WOW, its briliant mate, really made me grin, lol. Problem is now, I gota spend more money on stopping power lol. Thanks again for what you did mate and the price you did it for, I've put a post up on and highly recommended you, hope you get loads more business mate, and keep going through this recession. Cheers Jas. Kev - Golf 1.9TDI 110 1998

Hi, Its Omair from Manchester I would recommend more-bhp to everyone as I was told by VW that my turbo had gone and asked me for £1500 to fix it. I rang up jason he checked it out for free and got the problem sorted for only £100 - boost sensor problem. Thanks Jason. Omair - Passat 1.9TDI 130 2001

Thank you so much for the work you did to transform my car. The service was excellent and Jason was always on hand to answer any questions I had. My car is so much quicker and smoother. It pulls through the rev range effortlessly and fuel consumption has not suffered either. I highly recommend Chris - Golf 1.8T GTI 2001

Fantastic service, thanks. All i can say is this has to be the best mod! It makes such a difference to power, torque, and driveability. Its a totally different car, this is how it should come from new! So for all of you unsure wether you should get your car remapped dont be, do it because you will love it! Toby - Golf 1.8T GTI 1998

Hi Jason

Just a quick mail after you remapped my motorhome - basically, it's

I've just done a 400 mile trip down through Mid Wales, Pembrokeshire, the
Gower and back up through the Brecon Beakons and Cambrian Mountains to North
Wales - not exactly a flat route - but the trip meter on my 3.9 tonne
Dethleffs Motorhome is registering 30.1mpg for the trip!! Up from 26mpg for
trips on flatter roads before the re map.

Torque and smoothness also feels massively improved. I'm chuffed as hell!!

I've been driving like an OAP since fuel prices went through the roof so
it's hardly possible for this to be the reason for the economy increase!

Anyway - If you ever want me to give a reference to anyone who's looking to
re map a similar Renault based motorhome, just let me know.

Thanks again


Remapped Seat Leon 2.0TDI 170FR Remapped Seat Ibiza 1.9tdi 100

My son and I had our cars re-mapped by Jason, a very nice bloke, professional, explained everything.  Both cars ran well in standard form so we took a lot of advice from mechanics before deciding to re-map. Transformations are unbelievable, much more than expected.  not only acceleration but also mpg and ,more importantly, driveability, power delivery is so smooth.  Anyone thinking about re-mapping should give Jason a call and do it.

Seat Leon 2.0TDI 170 FR and seat Ibiza 1.9TDI 100

Seat Leon FR 1.8T Remap - More-BHP Middlewich

Hi there Just to let you know what an excellent job Jason has done to remapping my SEAT LEON 20V T FR. This car has been totally transformed with exceptional power and torque, the car hits the 0-60mph barrier in just 6.5 secs (previous 7.1) and the MPG has gone up from 33MPG to 38MPG, i just need to keep an eye on the speedo as it accelerates so quick, many thanks to More-bhp for their excellent service.....

Simon, Seat Leon 1.8T


VW Golf V 2.0 GT TDI DSG 2008 Remap to 185 BHP

Car good now. 0-60 in 7.5 seconds 1 second faster than before, 0-80 1.5 seconds faster. Smooth too.

Cheers John. VW Golf V 2.0 GT TDI DSG 140

VW Passat 1.8T 150 1999 More-BHP Remap to 200BHP VW Passat 1.8T 150 More-BHP Remap to 200BHP

HI Jason,

Just to let you know I’ve received the ecu back this morning. What can I say, I’m over the moon with the results, my Passat is unbelievably quick now. It has far more low down / midrange power than I was expecting and a much snappier throttle response. I haven’t really needed to rev the engine over about 4000rpm yet and it goes like a rocket! So much fun! If any of your customers want to speak to me, give them my number, I’m more than happy to recommend you. Thanks again for the quick turnaround. 

Regards Bruce, 1999 VW Passat 1.8T

VW Golf 1.8T 150 More BHP Northwest Remap to 210BHP

Modified plus More-BHP remap dyno readouts:

HP:                                                212
Torque:                                         240

These figures look impressive but the real story is found within the middle of the rev range. With the re-map the golf4 was producing 150bhp and 160ftlbs of torque at only 3500rpm. This resulting in an immense increase in torque AND power that you can really use on the road. No down shift needed. This really complements the average driver allowing faster acceleration out from the apex to make an early pass on the next straight piece of tarmac. After driving a 04 civic type r I have found that you must make sure the revs are high on the apex stay level with the golf. On slower more technical sections the golf will definitely pull stronger from the mid range.
Top speed reads an indicated 150mph. More importantly the massive increase in torque will pull the car to an indicated 140mph 9seconds faster, which really is noticeable without torque steer disrupting the drive.
Other modifications were a cat back Miltek exhaust and a induction kit to compliment the re-map. The re-map can only work within the parameters of the manufacturers ECU. The power increases Jason is claiming clearly are genuine as opposed to many. Also, a long run sitting at 80-100mph the car returned 36mpg. For a performance hot hatch worth 5 grand, its no VXR but when its up to 12’000 cheaper than the latest opposition and only marginally slower with these mods, it has to be worth a look.

Mark VW Golf GTI 1.8T 2000

More-BHP Middlewich Golf GTI Remap to 200BHP

My golf is a different car to drive,the torgue and power are mega,thanks so much for talking and explaining the whole process,would recomend it to anyone,thanks again.

Mick-donny, VW Golf 1.8T 150

VW LT35 More BHP Middlewich Chip tune +35BHP

Just been out in the van, perfect mate, so much better, I can actually accelerate uphill with the trailer loaded. It does feel smoother. Proper van now!
Thanks very much, it’s made all the difference.
Thanks again,


  Audi A3 1.8T More BHP Chip Tune to 200 BHP

"WOW! What a difference.... Car feels so smooth, once it hits boost the sound and feel is amazing. Jason let me watch what he was doing the whole time, it was very interesting and it's obvious that he knows what he's doing.

Why pay extortionate prices when more-bhp will offer the same service but with a smile?? Will be in touch for more work and will recommend whenever I can!"

Matt , Audi A3 1.8T AGU Engine, Warrington

VW Golf 1.8T GTI 150 More BHP Chip Tune to 200 BHP

"Very pleased with the excellent service & extremely quick turn around. What a huge difference for a small price, the added performance is more than i expected and is amazing!!!
Nathan Love, Ipswich. 

VW Golf 1.8T GTI 150 More BHP Chip Tune to 200 BHP 


Joanne. VW Golf GTI 1.8T

Audi A3 1.8T 150 More BHP Middlewich Chip Tune to 200 BHP

"You have already re-mapped this ECU for me less than a year ago, which I love by the way, just I'm after more power again (got the bug since the re-map), I thought the A3 was pretty bad before you did the re-map, ever since you did that I love it and I've had some quality races, its faster than a standard Civic type R."... Audi A3 1.8T 1997 AGU with GT28rs big turbo conversion now in progress.

A post in discounts pointed to a local guy More-BHP so the email went....

What can you do for this gutless wonder ?

The Burstner A530 is a fine little RV, hold 70 on the flat but any UP and oh boy, the HGVs are swerving round us unless I rev it's nuts off which is not how I treat my motors.

Jason confirmed his price for a local fit and arrived. Car full of decent looking kit but in this case all he needed was his Sony laptop and the ODB2 interface. He downloaded the existing map and installed a new one.

Off we went, living on the Pennines we have no trouble finding some hills, but even before this I could tell something special has happened, the wheelspin in first on a damp road was the clue. The wheelspin in second confirmed this. I *was* deliberately provoking this with a heavy right foot for testing purposes.

Up the hills we flew, like driving a big wobbly sports car.

I gladly gave him a cheque and used the RV to do a run to Wiltshire, a round trip of 340 miles.

It was a different vehicle. The M6/M5 hills were no problem, only occasionally having to drop to 4th. I was constantly one gear higher than before and having to ease the throttle on wet roundabouts otherwise more wheelspin. This Burstner is a short wheelbase with a big back overhand, I'm sure there is not enough weight on the front.

Fuel consumption, can't tell, I set off on a part tank so was unable to do a proper check, I could not detect any significant difference.

So big thanks to Jason, a thoroughly nice no person. I didn't tell him my job is control systems software, I watched and listened and liked what I heard.

Can't wait for next year now, I had been apprehensive of hitting the Alps and crawling up them but now, provided the insurers don't shoot this down, we'll fly up the hills.

Brian. Fiat Ducato 2.0 JTD.

After searching the threads on MHF about engine tuning,I eventually decided on a re-map of the existing ECU.It was a choice between a Van Aaken smartbox or the re-map.Both of them I believe give similar results,and it depends on who you talk to which is the best.

The tuning box manufacturers and dealers will say their method is best,and the re-mapping experts will defend their system,both sides usually can't resist criticising the other for obvious commercial reasons.

I prefer to trust fellow forum members who have the practical experience of engine tuning and can give an impartial review.A few were very pleased with the Van Aaken smart box and had travelled thousands of miles,and the same results for those who had the ECU remapped.

I don't think there is much difference in performance with either method,both do the same;-pump more fuel to the injectors and alter the injection timing,therby increasing bhp and torque.

So other factors had to be taken into account-cost,ease of fitting,plug in box can be removed,the quality of the software for a re-write and possibly invalidating the vehicle warranty.

I originally decided to go for the Van Aaken smartbox which was on special offer for £300 delivered.After an e-mail and phone call to them leaving my details 10 days ago I still am awaiting a reply.

Whilst still thinking which way to go I found More-BHP. A very good price(most re-maps are double that)

He had excellent feedback so I bought it.The re-map was arranged to be carried out within 3 days,he travelled to my house to do it,it took him around an hour,and then we went on a short test drive.This chap(Jason)also guarantees a refund if you are not satisfied with the results,if you do this he will then return the ECU to it's original state.

The claimed increase in power is 35bhp,taking the Fiat 2.8jtd from 127bhp to 162bhp.Of course there is no way to verify this without a rolling road test,all I can say is the improvement in performance is staggering.Better and smoother acceleration,more low end torque,no exhaust smoking,and the engine temperature was exactly the same as before.

My Ducato has the 'long' 5th gear which was good cruising motorways at 60mph but virtually unuseable below 45mph,it will now pick up at 30mph(on the flat),in 4th it will pull away at 20mph.I even managed to spin the front wheels when testing the improved acceleration from a standing start although the road was wet.

It makes driving on A roads a lot easier with fewer gear changes,and hopefully will have little effect on fuel consumption,although I will report on that at a later date when I have done more mileage.The acid test though was a 1 in 12 hill near us,before the re-map the van use to struggle up in 3rd and then I had to change down to 2nd near the top when it started gasping for air.After the re-map it zoomed up in 3rd and would still accelerate near the top.

I think I would have been satisfied with either the tuning box or the re-map,deciding factors a were keen price,it is done at home,the engine is 3 years old so out of warranty,and the chap uses quality files bought from Germany.


What can a say mate but bloody fantastic, the throttle response is rapid and a wheel spinned in 2nd with my 18" rims on and that was me trying to pull away normally. Its like a new car, the change is unreal, will get one of those DV's next week when am paid m8.

Cheers Neil. VW Golf GTI 1.8T

I have just fitted the ecu and can't believe the difference,thanks
for the prompt service and help,I would have no hesitation in recommended
more-bhp to anyone else in the future.A job well done!!

Best wishes Philippe. VW Golf GTI 1.8T

Jason..hi...thanks for today...journey back was excellent with engine very much smoother...made a great diffrence to van comfort...power good and mpg I think improved...cheers...John

Fiat Ducato 2.8JTD

Hi its rob from crewe audi a3t 2001 you did the other day really chuffed with result can you please tell me the spark plug name and number i need for my plug change ie 1 cooler and the best place to get them from.

thanks again Rob

Fantastic service, awesome performance; the best £'s I've ever spent! Thankyou.

Ben. VW Golf GTI 1.8T

EXCELLENT, PROMPT RESPONSE significant diference to vehicle performance.

Peter. VW T4 2.5TDI 102

awesome difference, product and service highly recommended !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stew. Skoda Ocatvia VRS180

wow the golf is flying now . 200% for the service and friendly help thanks jason.

Pelumb. VW Golf GTI 1.8T

very good service really impressed s3 goes v. well! recommended (thankyou)

Tim. Audi S3

Extremely happy with my Ibiza Cupra TDI and got my ecu back within 3 days!

John. Ibiza Cupra TDI

Amazing BHP increase for £££,great comms and speedy service - perfect!Thanks!

Phil. VW Golf GTI 1.8T

the power increase of my audi TT was amazing would take on 911 easily.

Craig. Audi TT225

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