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Audi RS3 8P 2.5 TFSI 340 ECU Remap

Developed and tested in house the MoreBHP Stage 1 remap is intended for vehicles with stock hardware.

S-Tronic (Auto) Equipped: To make the most from the engine remap the S-Tronic gearbox should also be remapped. Torque limits can be raised, faster shifting allowed and rev limit increased. If the S-Tronic TCU is remapped at the same time as the engine then it costs from £149.

Original Power  340 bhp
Remap Power  410 bhp
Original Torque  450 Nm (331 ftlb)
Remap Torque  600 Nm (442 ftlb)

List Price:  £549.00

Sale Price:  £449.00

Saving You:  £100.00 (18%)

Audi RS3 8P 2.5 TFSI 340 ECU Remap

To find out more or book your car in please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

Developed for vehicles with modifications such as performance exhaust, air filter, bigger/front mount intercooler. Cat removal or DPF Removal (diesel).

Program written to suit each individual car's modifications.


To find out more or book your car in please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

Available exclusively at MoreBHP Crewe HQ.

Intended for petrol or diesel cars that have been fitted with hybrid/larger turbos, possible larger injectors in addition to Stage 2 parts.

Each program is written in-house with development and testing on our state of the art 4WD rolling road.


To find out more or book your car in at More BHP HQ please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

At MoreBHP HQ in Crewe we develop and test our remaps on a state of the art 1200bhp 4WD rolling road.

By adding a rolling road session to your Stage 1, Stage 2 or ECO remap you can see what power / torque your car makes both before and after the upgrade.

Using live diagnostics this allows us to custom tune the remap to your vehicle.

If booking at More BHP HQ in Crewe then this option is highly recommended.

Additional Price inc VAT:  4WD £75  2WD £50

To find out more or book your car in please call 01270 500123 or EMAIL YOUR DETAILS.

The Audi RS3 with the 340bhp 2.5 TFSI engine and Quattro all wheel drive really is a great car.

Like most cars there is potential left to extract from the RS3 in the form of a remap

At MoreBHP we have highly developed, tested and proven remaps for all remap stages.

The S-Tronic gearbox found in the RS3 must also be remapped to allow it to function correctly and allow maximum engine torque.

Depending on fuel quality used we've seen over 400bhp and over 600Nm with just a stage 1 engine and gearbox remap.

Those figures don't do it justice really as out on the road it really does feel you are driving a missile, absolutely breathtaking performance.

We completed the remap on an RS3 with the TTE500 turbo and that pushed power to 515bhp, words can't describe how good that was.

The video below is of an Audi RS3 2.5TFSI having a stage 1 ECU and TCU remap on the rolling road.