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BMW 3 Series GT Remaps

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BMW F34 320i 184 ECU Remap£549.00

Original Power-184 bhp; Remap Power-260 bhp; Original Torque-270 Nm (199 ftlb); Remap Torque-350 Nm (258 ftlb)

BMW F34 328i 245 ECU Remap£549.00

Original Power-245 bhp; Remap Power-290 bhp; Original Torque-350 Nm (258 ftlb); Remap Torque-450 Nm (331 ftlb)

BMW F34 318d 136 ECU Remap£449.00

Original Power-136 bhp; Remap Power-180 bhp; Original Torque-320 Nm (236 ftlb); Remap Torque-400 Nm (295 ftlb)

BMW F34 318d 143 ECU Remap£449.00

Original Power-143 bhp; Remap Power-180 bhp; Original Torque-320 Nm (236 ftlb); Remap Torque-400 Nm (295 ftlb)

BMW F34 320d 184 ECU Remap£449.00

Original Power-184 bhp; Remap Power-220 bhp; Original Torque-380 Nm (280 ftlb); Remap Torque-440 Nm (324 ftlb)

BMW F34 330d 258 ECU Remap£449.00

Original Power-258 bhp; Remap Power-300 bhp; Original Torque-560 Nm (413 ftlb); Remap Torque-650 Nm (479 ftlb)

BMW F34 335d 313 ECU Remap£449.00

Original Power-313 bhp; Remap Power-360 bhp; Original Torque-630 Nm (464 ftlb); Remap Torque-700 Nm (516 ftlb)

BMW F34 335i 306 ECU Remap£449.00

Original Power-306 bhp; Remap Power-370 bhp; Original Torque-400 Nm (295 ftlb); Remap Torque-570 Nm (420 ftlb)

BMW F34 325d 218 ECU Remap£349.00

Original Power-218 bhp; Remap Power-270 bhp; Original Torque-450 Nm (331 ftlb); Remap Torque-500 Nm (368 ftlb)

Page 1 of 1:    9 Items 

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