MBHP500 - VAG 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen3 Hybrid Turbo

List Price:  £3,250.00

Sale Price:  £2,500.00

Saving You:  £750.00 (23%)

MBHP500 - VAG 2.0 TSI EA888 Gen3 Hybrid Turbo

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The MBHP500 is a handmade hybrid turbo, custom made to order, offering much more power and reliability than the stock IS38, whilst retaining similar spooling characterisitcs. It will fit to any 2.0 TSI or 1.8 TSI EA888 Gen 3 engine from the VAG range, such as the VW Golf 7 R, GTI, Audi S3, Skoda Octavia VRS and Seat Leon Cupra.

The stock IS38 turbo was prone to fail due to the shaft inside the turbo snapping, especially when running the turbo at faster speeds than on a stock car. At the heart of the MBHP500 turbo is an upgraded core which features forged bearings and a thicker shaft, it's much stronger and therefore more reliable than the stock IS38 turbo.

The compressor wheel is upgraded with a larger billet wheel which is capable of flowing a much greater volume of air and the compressor cover is machined to match the new profile with an optimum clearance for the perfect spool.

Next, the turbine wheel is also replaced for a greater exhaust gas flow. Again, the turbine housing is machined to match.

- Billet compressor wheel

- Larger turbine wheel

- Reprofiled compressor and turbine housings

- VSR balanced to a high tolerance

- Completely new core featuring forged bearing pack for strength and relaibility

- Modification to the twin scroll ports

Please note: Price includes fitting and software adjustment.